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Grading Standards for U.S. Coins
MS 60 - 70
Uncirculated is interchangeable with the phrase Mint State and refers to a piece which has never been in commercial circulation. Such a piece has no wear of any kind. It is as bright and lustrous as the time it was minted. It may have light natural toning. Due to the high-speed minting process and storage, bag marks or hairlines (See Glossary) are typical and grade at the lower end of the MS scale.
Choice About Uncirculated
AU 55
Only small traces of wear is visible on the highest points. As with all coins & medals, each variety and denomination has different high points.
About Uncirculated
AU 50
With traces of wear on nearly all of the high points, at least half of the original mint luster
Choice Extremely Fine
EF 45
Light overall wear on the the high points points. All design details are very sharp. Mint luster is usually seen only in protected area of the surface, such as between the lettering and devices.
Extremely Fine
EF 40
Only slight wear, but more extensive than the preceding grade, still with excellent overall sharpness. Traces of mint luster may still show.
Choice Very Fine
VF 30
Light even wear on the surface; design details on the highest points lightly worn, but with all lettering and major features sharp. No mint luster.
Very Fine
VF 20
Moderate even wear on the surface; design details on the highest points moderately worn. All lettering and major features are bold with a slightly soft appearance-not sharp.
F 12
Moderate to considerable even wear. Entire design is bold, but may appear soft. All lettering, including minor devices, are visible, but with some weaknesses.
Very Good
VG 8
Well worn. Most fine details such as hair strands, leaf details, etc. are worn nearly smooth. Minor lettering and devices are only partially visible. Full rim.
G 4
Heavily worn. Major designs visible, but with faintness in areas. Head, wreath, and other major features visible in outline form without center detail. Partial rim.
About Good
AG 3
Very heavily worn with portions of the lettering, date and legends worn smooth. The date barely readable and typically rimless. However, with no damage.
Cull Holed, cut or mutilated. Heavily worn with only a trace of detail, thus barely recognizable.
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